For any questions regarding MIPS testing and research
please contact Peter Halldin, Daniel Lanner or Johan Thiel.
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  • Correlation of an FE Model of the Human Head with Local Brain Motion – Consequences for Injury Prediction
    Svein Kleiven Warren N. Hardy
  • Influence of Impact Direction on the Human Head in Prediction of Subdural Hematoma
  • Evaluation of head injury criteria using a finite element model validated against experiments on localized brain motion, intracerebral acceleration, and intracranial pressure
    Svein Kleiven
  • A New Oblique Impact Test for Motorcycle Helmets
    P. Halldin*, A. Gilchrist# and N.J. Mills#
  • Injury tolerances for oblique impact helmet testing
    M Aare, S Kleiven and P Halldin