Athlete of the Month July

Since the very beginning of my career as a professional rider I’m pretty demanding with myself and my riding. I take every race very seriously and with a great commitment – I’m always trying to do my best. I know that the human and equipment are equally important in achieving top results. That is why despite of my physical and mental preparation, I put a lot of attention to my bicycle’s setup and safety equipment. Even the best athletic preparation could be ruined by the failure of equipment or a dangerous fall – none of professional riders can afford it.
Feeling of proper preparation and reliance on my bike and equipment gives me the ability to focus only on riding. For the professional rider of such an extreme cycling disciplines this feeling cannot be underestimated. For me and for my team mates safety during racing and training is number one priority. Years of experience in racing with couple of heavy crashes thought me the respect for gravity riding and its danger. Because of that I’m always looking for best safety equipment, to feel secured and stay focused all the time.
I’m very happy with MIPS implemented in our Kellys Razor helmets. Thanks to proven effectiveness of this system, I feel more secure and focused, which makes another safety benefit – I make fewer mistakes and feel more confident on really steep and technical sections.
I’m proud of being the MIPS Athlete of the Month! I hope you will enjoy my presence on MIPS Instagram and be updated with our Kellys Factory Team fan page on Facebook! See you on the trails!