Interested in adding MIPS?

Interested in adding MIPS?

MIPS is dedicated to enable helmet manufacturers within the LEAF segment to be able to provide their users with the best possible protection against rotational motion caused by angled impacts to the head. The MIPS:F2 solution has been developed and optimized for helmets within the LEAF segment. The addition of MIPS to a new or existing helmet range is a scientifically proven way to provide user with better protection against rotational motion to the head caused by angled impacts to the head.
At MIPS we have worked with implementing MIPS since the early 2000s and we have a skilled team that will work alongside you all the way from the initial steps to approval tests and then production and product launch. Besides from R&D and product development we are dedicated in helping our partners with their communication around MIPS and general helmet safety.

So please do not hesitate to contact us to know more about our process and what is needed to give your helmets added protection against rotational motion.


Marcus Thiel

Business Unit LEAF

+46 709 92 40 60