SMITH Overtake first ride by VELO NEWS

The people over at VELO NEWS had a first look at the new Smith Overtake road helmet featuring MIPS. Have a look at their initial impressions and read the full review by clicking the link at the bottom.

First rides

I’m currently training for a mountain bike race, the 40-mile Forty in the Fort, which is this weekend, so at press time I had only ridden in the Overtake on a few mountain bike rides, which is part of the helmet’s target audience. Smith refers to it as a road and cross-country helmet. After all, when you look at the World Cup cross-country riders, they’re wearing the lightest helmets they can find.

On my head, the Overtake looks smaller than other size large helmets. Again, the thinner design, with the use of Koroyd, makes a visual difference, in addition to the purported aerodynamic benefits. The straps are a soft weave material, not unlike Giro’s straps, and are adjusted easily with tri-glides, a feature that some helmet makers do away with in an attempt to claim a lower weight.

At $250, and an extra $60 for the Mips version, the Overtake is reserved for the riders seeking a top-of-the-line helmet. It competes with the Giro Aeon, Specialized Evade and Prevail, and Bell Gage, and it certainly belongs in such respected company.

The Overtake will be available later this summer in 12 colors, so if black and bright green isn’t your thing, there are other options. For a rider looking for a safe, fast, but still breathable helmet, the Overtake could be your lid.